40th Dai Syedna Hebatullah-il-Moayed- Fiddeen Saheb (R.A)

Birth Date: 16th Rabiul-Awwal 1125 H. (1713 A.D)
Date of Wafaat : 1st Shabanul-Karim 1193 H. (1779 A.D)
Period of Dawat : 25 years, 6 months, 14 days.

Syedna Hebatullah-il-Moaiyad-Fiddin's (R.A) upbringing was done by his learned grandfather Syedi Abdul Qadir Hakimuddin (R.A), while his father Syedna Ibrahim Vajihuddin (R.A) took the responsibility of his education. Unsurprisingly, Syedna Moaiyad (R.A) reached the pinnacle of perfection in all aspects. Syedna Vajihuddin (R.A) frequently sent him to various places for Dawat.

Known for his wisdom and fluency in oration many benefited from Syedna Moaiyad's (R.A) guidance and erudition. Leaders took his advice and had great faith in his words.

During numerous occasions Allah bestowed upon his Dai with Fateh Mubeen (victory) over the foes of Dawat. It so happened that the Ruler of Aurangabad who intended to cause harm to Syedna Moaiyad (R.A) realized his mistake eventuating his son to be undertaken seriously ill. The ruler immediately begged Syedna Moaiyad (R.A) for forgiveness. With the benedictions of the Dai the child soon recovered.

Another incident occurred in Surat. The Ruler of Surat intended to arrest Syedna Moaiyad (R.A) who had to leave Surat for Billimora. The Ruler of Billimora welcomed the Dai with great respect and hospitality. Soon after the land of Billimora saw much prosperity while the people of Surat faced much deprivation.

It was during Syedna Moaiyad's (R.A) time when Laeen Majdu started misguiding many from Dawat. He claimed to have had communication with Imam-uz-Zaman (S.A) and concocted many other such fallacious stories. He also stole many valuable books from the collection of Dawat and taught many followers without the permission of the Dai thus causing immense harm to the beliefs of Mumineen (faithful). He distorted their beliefs and convictions by adulterating truth with fallacy and mendacity. During this tumultuous period in Dawat Syedna Moaiyad (R.A) strove endlessly for the wellbeing and welfare of Mumineen. Syedna Moaiyad (R.A) constructed a number of Masajid and residential societies (Mohallah) of Mumineen in many places. Thousands got solace and guidance from Syedna Moaiyad (R.A) who came to the Dai's Bethak (special audience) everyday.

He visited Surat trice and prepared the Mumineen of Surat for Khidmat (servitude) of Dawat knowing that in future Surat would be the seat of Dawat.