45th Dai-al-Mutlaq Syedna Taiyib Zainuddin(RA)

Birth date : 16th zilhaj 1198 / 1784 AD
Date of Wafaat : 16th Zilqad 1252 / 1837 AD
Period of Dawat : 16 years 1 month and 26 days

He had approached the holy presence of Syedna Abdeali Saifuddin(RA) even before Syedna Mohammed Ezzuddin(RA). Syedna Abdeali Saifuddin(RA) was very fond of him and trusted him with the confidential and important work of Dawat. He became the Dai at the age of 38 years. In 1238, there was a massive flood in Surat, and he supported the families of all those affected. His advice was respected and always acted on even by non-mumin ministers of state. He was a member of the Governer council of Bombay state.

In 1239, he visited villages where mumineen resided and they served him with great devotion. When he went to Mandsaur, the enemies there burnt with envy and started a 'fitnat'(subterfuge) from there. They also attacked him physically. But Allah Ta'ala protected him and mumineen and the enemy was defeated. The British rulers sent the army to protect him. Then he came to Indore and Ujjain. There he was given a warm welcome by the commander-in-chief of Maharaja Holkar, Tatya Saheb. Finally, he came to Surat. He was very kind towards the seekers of Ilm and made sure that they were well looked after. The memorial(Qubbah) to Syedi Fakhruddin Shahid(QS) (Galiyakot) and the Qubba Ezziya were constructed during his golden era.

The Qubba of Syedna Hatim(RA) was constructed by non-mumineen in Yemen, and was destroyed the next day. This kept occuring until the mumineen advised them that if 'Haq na Saheb'(Dai) will build the Qubba, will it remain. Then Syedna Taiyib Zainuddin built the Qubba of Syedna Hatim(RA).

He did nass on 46th Dai, Syedna Mohammed Badruddin(RA) on the 11th of Zilqad .