48th Dai-al-Mutlaq Syedna Abdul Husain Husamuddin bin Syedna Tayeb Zainuddin(RA)

Birth : 10th Mohurrum 1239 H
Wafaat : 27th Zilhaj 1308 H
Age : 69 years
Duration of Dawat : 6 years and 5 months

48th Dai Al-Mutlaq Syedna AbdulHusain Husahmuddin(R.A.) ascended the arsh of Dawat after Syedna AbdulQader Najmuddin(RA). He was educated and brought up by Syedna Taiyeb Zainuddin(RA) and he was given higher education by Syedi Abde Ali Imamuddin(QS). When Syedna Abdul Qader Najmuddin(RA) did nass on Syedna Husamuddin(RA) in Ujjain, Syedna(RA) was in Jhalawad at the time. Syedna Najmuddin(RA) told his Hudud to convey nass to Syedna Husamuddin(RA) and the message that just as Syedna(RA) had kept the mumineen happy and satisfied -to the extent that when they asked for water, they were served milk - he should also strive for their well-being. Syedna(RA) on becoming Dai, reached Surat after visiting Ujjain.
Syedna(RA) used to travel extensively along with Syedna Abdullah Badruddin(RA) who acquired immense knowledge from him. Syedna(RA) alongwith Syedna Burhanuddin(RA) worked very hard to repay the heavy debts that Dawat was under.
He performed vaaz in Masjid-E-Aazam in a voice so loud and clear, that it could be heard in the Qubba mubarak even without microphones.
Syedna(RA) could foresee the sublime position that Syedna Taher Saifuddin(RA) would achieve later on in life, even when he was at a very young age.
In 1308H, Syedna decided to travel to Mumbai. On departure, he said "I'm leaving my Mansus and Jaan-e-Sheen Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin(RA) behind me". In this way Syedna(RA) declared nass on the 49th Dai Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin(RA).
Syedna travelled to places like Balsar, Pardi and reached Bharuch via Navsari, where he took ill. From Baroda, Syedna (RA) reached Ahmedabad, where he became more ill. After Fajr namaaz, Syedna(RA) performed Misaq Majlis and then bestowed Nass on Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin(RA) in presence of hudud. He passed away on 27th Zilhaj, 1308H.
Namaaz of Janaza was performed in the Qutbi Masjid at Tajpur. Syedna Husamuddin(RA) was laid to rest beside Maulana Qasim Khan Zainuddin(RA).