Maulai Burhanuddin Saheb (QS)

Urs Mubarak : 18th Jamadi Akhar

Syedi Khoj Bin Malak (QR.) writes in his Risala Mubaraka that in Pisawada, there is the Ziyarat of Maulai Ahmed Bin Hasan Khan (QR.). He was the son-in-law of Maulai Raj ibne Maulai Hasan (QR.) and amongst one of the HUD's of Hind Duat (R.A). The Qabar Mubarak (grave) of Maulai Burhanuddin Ibne Khoj Khan (Q&A) is also situated there, who has faithfully done Khidmat of Syedna Yusuf Bin Suleman (R.A). Syedi Burhanuddin (QR.) had immense zeal and devotion towards the Dai and Allah. Both Maulai Ahmed (QR.) and Maulai Khoj Khan's (QR.) Qabar Mubarak are untraceable today. Every year hundreds of faithful come to pay homage and respects to Maulai Burhanuddin (QR.) and return with their wishes fulfilled and prayers answered. 'Minnats' for 'Rozi'(Prosperity) and 'Shadi'(Marriage) are taken here. The Qubba Mubaraka of Maulai Burhanuddin (QR.) is 350 years old.