Maulai Raj Bin Moulai Dawood(QS)

Urs Mubarak : 22nd Rabi-ul-Awal

After the demise of his father Maulaya Dawood (Q.R), Maulaya Raj (Q.R) was appointed as Amil of Patan by Wali-al-Hind during the period of Syedna Idris Imaduddin (R.A) who resided in Sanaa, Yemen. Jaffer Laeen, who hailed from Neherwal region in Patan, started a subterfuge. Initially he had studied with Maulaya Raj (Q.R) who consistendly endeavoured to guide Jaffer Laeen towards righteousness but in vain. Eventually, Jaffer Laeen got indulged into despotic activities against Dawat and Mumineen. While joining forces with Sultan Mahmood Shah he repressively looted invaluable Books of Dawat and endlessly harassed Mumineen. Maulaya Raj (Q.R) in due course had to leave his native place and migrated to his ancestral house in Morbi where he built a Masjid and dug a well nearby. He possessed the art of weaving cloths, which he taught a number of Mumineen. Known for his devoutness and piety, he never had missed a Namaz. Maulaya Raj (Q.R) while weaving some clothe one day, thought of completing the little work left before proceeding for Namaz as usual. On completion, he went to fetch some water for Wuzoo (ablution). Inserting a bucket in the well, a pail full of precious stones was acquired instead of water. Not once but thrice he threw these gems back in the well. This phenomenal occurrence immediately motivated Maulaya Raj (Q.R) to immediately seek pardon to Allah for his complacency in getting prepared for Namaz and beseeched for water. He ultimately was able to pray Namaz on time. His noble deed earned him priceless spiritual jewels as Allah honored him with nine Duat Kiram (R.A) in his lineage.