Vaali-ul-Hind Moulai Adam Bin
Moulaya Suleman bin Masood (Q.S.)

Wafat : 13th Safar-Ul-Muzaffar 836 AH.

After Syedi Hasanfeer Shaheed (Q.S.), Maulai Adam Shujauddin (Q.S.), who hailed from Neharwala (Patan), became the Vaali-ul-Hind. Maulai Adam (Q.S) received Ilm from Maulai Ali bin Maulai Ishaq (Q.S) at Patan.
At the time when Sultan Ahmed Shah founded Ahmedabad in 810 AH, he made an 'Araz'(invitation) to Moulaya Ali (Q.S.) to encourage the Bohra community to settle in Ahmedabad. Moula Ali sent Moulai Adam (Q.S.), Maulai Khwaja Kalan (Q.S.), and Shaikh Mujaal (Q.S.) from Patan to Ahmedabad. Moulai Adam (Q.S.) became the Vaali of Ahmedabad. It was an excellent age of prosperity. Mumineen were known as Bohra, all proverbially known for their honesty integrity and straight forwardness. They frequented the Masaajid regularly and without any fear.
Moulai Adam (Q.S.) performed khidmat of five Duat Mutlaqeen, from the 15th Dai Syedna Abbas (R.A), to the 19th Dai Syedna Idris Imaduddin (R.A). The incident of ‘Saqqaa’ also took place in his time.
Syedna Idris (R.A) sent Misaal Sharif to Moulai Adam (Q.S.) written as “I appoint 'Saqqa'( humble water carrier) as the Vaali , all of you perform 'Taa-At'(respect) of Saqqaa”. On receiving the Misaal Sharif, Moulai Adam (Q.S.) and all the Hudud went to Saqqa and performed Qadambosi. Saqqa was perplexed. All Mumineen did araz to Saqqa that, “By the Farmaan of our Dai, we are pleased to accept you as Vaali”. Saqqa cried, “I am an 'Adnaa khadim'(ordinary person), Adnaa khadim”. All explained to Saqqa that it was the "Farmaan of our Maula". Then Maulai Adam (Q.S) taught Saqqaa a small Sura, to recite in Namaz. Maulai Adam (Q.S) and all Hudud prayed Namaz behind Saqqaa. When Syedna Idris (R.A) came to know of this, he was extremely pleased with 'Ikhlaas'(faith) of the Mumineen of Hind. Syedna Idris (R.A) called all the Hudud of Yemen and told them about the incident. Syedna Idris then said, “This Barakaat and this Khair(Dawat) shall be transferred to Hind in near future”.
Though aged 80 Moulai Adam (Q.S.) was courageous despite physical weakness. He passed away on the 13th of Safar-Ul-Muzaffar 836 AH, during the era of Syedna Idris Imaduddin (R.A). His 'Qabr mubarak' is at old Raipur Qabrastaan near Kankaria.