Moulai Hasan Bin Moulai Adam (Q.S.)

Wafat : 29th Moharram 883 AH.

Moulai Hasan Husamuddin(Q.S) became the Vaali after His father Moulai Adam (Q.S). He strived hard for the cause of Dawat and served with sincerity of heart, soul and wealth. He established a Madresa at Ahmedabad, and made arrangements for 'Mawaid'(eating facilities) of the 'Talebat-Ul-Ilm'(students).
The Fitnat of Laeen Jafar started during his time. Laeen Jafar bin Khwaja hailed from Mehsana. He came to Ahmedabad for Ilm and then did Araz to Maulai Hasan for Razaa Mubarak to go to Yemen in Hazrat Aaliyaa to gain more Ilm. Moulai Hasan (Q.S) told him to first gather knowledge in India and then go to Yemen, but Laeen Jafar disobeyed Maulai Hasan (Q.S) and proceeded to Yemen without 'Razaa' (permission). After leaving Yemen, he returned to Diu in India. In the villages there, he led namaaz and accepted ‘Vajebaat’ and ‘Huquq’ from Mumineen. On meeting Moulai Hasan in Ahmedabad and on being reprimanded by him, he apologised and asked for pardon. Moulai Hasan (Q.S) said that to gain pardon, he would have to write to all those that prayed behind him, to repeat the namaaz. Jafar refused and went away without permission to Patan.
Moulai Raja (Q.S) was the Aamil of Patan. Moulai Raja (Q.S) called Laeen Jafar and warned Laeen Jafar against defying the Hudud. Laeen Jafar challenged him that he would renounce the ‘Deen’ tomorrow and join the ‘Nasebeen’. (Nasebeen are those who are enemies of Amir-ul- Mumineen (S.A) and Ahl-e-Bait (S.A).) Moulai Raja (Q.S) thought it would be safer to leave, so he left in the night with all his belongings, family, and the books of Dawat . Safety of the 'Qutub'(books of Dawat) was his sole concern. But Jafar got hold of many books, destroyed them, slandered property, wealth, and harassed the mumineen with the help of other enemies
Truth prevailed and some Mumineen killed laeen Jafar near Champaner.
Moulai Hasan (Q.S) and His son Moulai Raj (Q.S) strived hard to survive against heavy odds and guide Mumineen back to the right path of Imaan. Moulai Hasan (Q.S) passed away on the 29th Moharram-Ul-Haram 883 AH.