Moulai Mulla Dawood bin Mulla Raj (QS)

DUrs Mubarak : 23rd Rabi-ul-Awal

Maulaya Mulla Dawood (Q.R) in semblance to his revered father Maulaya Mulla Raj Saheb (Q.R) was known for his wisdom and piety. His father had sent him to Dars in Ahmedabad to attain education. During the cunning stratagem of Jaffer Laeen, Maulaya Dawood (Q.R) assisted his father in guiding Mumineen with immense verve and audacity.
His Qabar Mubarak (grave) is next to his father's Maulaya Raj (Q.R) and on one side rests his mother Bibi Zulekha Aaisaheba.