Syedi Abdeali Imamuddin(RA)

Wafaat: 6th Safarul Muzaffar, 1271H / 1854 AD

Syedi Abdeali Imamuddin(QS) was fortunate to do khidmat of 5 Duat Kiram. Syedna Abdeali Saifuddin(RA) trusted and chose him to pass Ilm-Ale-Mohammed to the future Duat.

He did praiseworthy and sincere khidmat of Syedna Ezzuddin(RA) and Syedna Zainuddin(RA).

Syedna Zainuddin(RA) entrusted the education of Syedna Mohammed Badruddin(RA) and Syedna Abdulqadir Najmuddin(RA) in his hands.

Inspite of being the teacher of Syedna AbdulQadir Najmuddin (RA), he humbly served under him when he became a Dai. Syedi Abdeali did khidmat of Syedna AbdulQadir(RA) for 15 years. No one dared to challenge the 'nass' on Syedna Najmuddin(RA) as long as he was alive. He passed away in Syedna AbdulQadir's(RA) time.