Syedi Luqmanjee bin Habibullah(Q.S.)

Wafaat : 8th Jamadul-Ukhra 1173H/ 1760AD

Syedi Luqmanjee recieved knowledge of 'Fiqh' from Syedi Khanjee Feer(QS) and Syedi AbdulQader Hakimuddin(QS). Syedi Luqmanjee was entrusted with imparting education to 'Talabat'(Students of Islamic Studies).

He used to make a copy of all the books taught to him by Syedna(RA). Syedi Luqmanjee is famous for referring to 'Daim-Ul-Islam'(Basic book describing 7 tenets of islam in Detail) whenever question of Fiqh arose.

He always used to pray namaz in the masjid. Even when a persistent pain started in his leg, he used to regularly perform Namaaz by tying a rope in the Qibla and getting up with its help.

Once there was a difference of opinion among mumineen in Sironj, so Syedna Badruddin(RA) asked Syedna Vajihuddin(RA) to deal with the situation. Syedi Luqmanjee was of the opinion that it should be solved by justice, while Syedna Vajihuddin(RA) wanted it to be solved by mutual understanding. So Syedna Vajihuddin(RA) postponed the matter. After 3 months, Syedna Badruddin(RA) passed away and Syedna Vajihuddin(RA) became Dai. Once again, he asked Syedi Luqmanjee how the Sironjee case must be solved. He asked for Syedna's(RA) forgiveness.

He took Syedna's(RA) permission to go for Hajj. On permission, he started preparations and went to Surat, but then Syedna(RA) sent an immediate message not to proceed on the journey. Syedi Luqmanjee(QS) passed away in Surat thereafter.