Syedi Miyaji Ibne Mulla Taj Saheb (QS)

Urs : 14th Rabi-ul-Awwal

He was an amil saheb of Umreth and a Hudud Fozala in the period of Syedna DawoodBin AjabShah Burhauddin(RA) and Syedna Dawood bin Qutubshah Burhanuddin (RA).

He was one of 4 brothers: Syedi Musanji Taj Saheb in Baroda, Maulai Raj and Maulai Jaffer in Jamnagar. Syedi Miyanji Taj expired in the year 999 H in the era of Syedna Dawoodbin Qutubshah. He was laid to rest in Umreth in the middle of the lake, and the work of construction of Mazaar was done by Qasimali Jevanjee Umrethwala, resident of Pune, in the era of Syedna Abdulhusain Husamuddin Saheb(RA).

One of his traits that he was famous for was that on the day of Eid-Gadeer, he would walk from Umreth to Ahmedabad, to give 'Meesaq' in the presence of Syedna Dawood bin Ajabshah Burhanuddin(RA) and then return to Umreth and conduct Meesaq majlis there.

At the time of his son- Mulla Nuh's Niqah, Syedna Dawood Bin Ajabshah (RA) travelled from Kapadwanj to Umreth to attend the Niqah and stayed there for a period of 10 days. There Syedna realised that there was no place for mumenaat to pray namaaz, and decided to construct a masjid from his personal funds. Although the work would have normally taken a month, it was completed within 3 days by Syedna (RA) and his Hudud Fozala who accompanied him.

People from all over the world come to Umreth to be cured from the skin desease of 'Burz' or Leucodermia as it is known. An arz is done to Aqa Moula(TUS) and Moula(TUS) advises the patient to stay in Umreth for 40 days and grind the root of the 'Chitrakh' tree which grows around the Mausoleum, and use the pulp on the skin.