Syedi Musanji Bin Taj Saheb(QR)

Date of Wafaat: 28th Moharramul Haram 1010 H

A person of great learning and reverence Syedi Musanji (QR.) was honoured to be one of the Had of Syedna Dawood bin Ajabsha (RA). His desire for performing Haj was so intense that once he took Mannat that if he was able to perform Haj and return back safely he would construct a Masjid in Baroda. On his safe return to Baroda he built a Masjid which was reason for Munafiqeen to plot subjugation against him.

The dissidents of Dawat approached the Subedar Salahuddin of Baroda, Gujarat and ultimately had Syedi Musanji (QR.) imprisoned. The local authorities under the influence of Munafiqeen took Syedi Musanji (QR.) in the Jungle and used to torture him. Ultimately such was their hatred for him that he was pushed into boiling oil and martyred. With him the miscreants also killed Mian Vaziruddin Bharuchi.

Incidentally, Salahuddin suddenly suffered from a boil on his back, which emanated such foul smell that people used to refrain coming close to him. Eventually he died a painful death.