28th Dai-al-Mutlaq Syedna Shaikh Adam Safiyuddin Bin Miya Taiyeb Shah (R.A).

Birth : 6th Jumad-il-Akhar
Wafat : 7th Rajab-ul-Asab 1030 H
Duration Of Dawat : 9 Years and 22 Days

28th Dai-Al-Mutlaq Syedna Shaikh Adam Safiyuddin (R.A) became Dai after Syedna Dawood bin Qutubshah (R.A). Syedna Shaikh Adam Safiyuddin (R.A) rendered invaluable khidmat to the Duat Mutlaqeen preceding him, and suffered many hardships including physical torture at the hands of the enemies of Dawat.
Syedna Shaikh Adam Safiyuddin (R.A) came in 'hazrat'(presence) Aaliya of Syedna Jalal bin Hasan (R.A) for Misaaq. He was very anxious to go to Yemen in Hazrat of Syedna Yusuf Najmuddin (R.A). With Hudud Fozalaa he went to Mecca Mukarrama to perform Hajj and then proceeded to Yemen. He stayed at Haraz in the khidmat of Syedna Yusuf Najmuddin (R.A) till the wafat of Syedna Yusuf Najmuddin (R.A). Syedna Shaikh Adam Safiyuddin (R.A) returned to India and Syedna Dawood bin AjabShah (R.A) bestowed upon him the Rutbah of 'Hadiyat'.
Whenever the authorities created any difficulty, Syedna Safiyuddin (R.A) was called upon to counter it. He displayed patience and perseverance while facing trials and difficulties. Syedna Dawood Bin QutubShah (R.A) appointed Him as 'Vazeer' during the 'fitnat'(subterfuge) of laeen Suleman. Syedna Safiyuddin (R.A) shielded Syedna Dawood Bin Qutubshah (R.A) with his patience, tolerance and way with words against the enemy.
Shah Murad, the prince of Akbar was appointed the governor of Ahmedabad. The enemies made false allegations, bribed the governor and invited Syedna Safiyuddin (R.A) and his learned Hudud to the governer's residence and imprisoned them at the time of Magrib Namaz. Hudud started reciting Quran with 'lahen'(loudly and in a rhthym). Syedna explained the meaning of 'Surah-Un-Nooh' and the other Aayaat. The Mughal Chuga Beg and the guards were enslaved by this glory and started crying, but Shah Murad ordered to keep all the Hudud in prison. Meanwhile, Syedna Dawood bin Qutubshah (R.A) wrote in his own handwriting a Dua Mubarak which Rasullullah (S.A) had recited during a critical time. Syedi Khoj Bin Malak (Q.S) reports that all the prisoners, including himself, continued to recite these 'Dua' after every Fajar and Isha Namaz. 15 prisoners were released by the tyrant, but Syedna Safiyuddin (R.A), Maulai Ali Mohammed and Syedi Khoj bin Malak remained imprisoned. Mumineen of Jalalpur (todays Jamalpur) used to provide jaman and water to the imprisoned Hudud and wash their clothes to enable them to pray Namaz. They did khidmat day and night. Syedna preached to all these who came to the prison, to vanquish them in such a way that they started weeping. He used to proclaim "We do not have the treasures of the world which is transitory in any case. We possess the treasures of knowledge and wisdom that are everlasting". Many miracles like this were reported in the prison. Amir-ul-Mumineen Maulana Ali (S.A) threatened the minister in a dream as a result of which the prisoners had to be released.
Laeen Suleman sent one called Mukrami laeen to Sidhpur. The Mumineen of Sidhpur came to Ahmedabad in Hazrat of Syedna Shaikh Adam Safiyuddin (R.A) with folded hands, and did araz in hazrat Aaliya that "this Mukrami has made all senseless and false talks. We humbly request Syedna to kindly give us 'hidaayat'(right teachings)". Syedna(RA) came to Sarangpur Masjid and called Mamji bin Ali as he was from Sidhpur , challenged Mukrami that if you are right you may come to Masjid. He never dared to appear. Syedna Shaikh Adam (R.A) waited from Fajar Namaz till they forcefully brought Mukrami before Syedna. Syedna ShaikhAdam (R.A) started Bayaan and from the Risaalaa of Syedna Dawood (R.A) Nass was established. Mukrami could not defend his false allegations and when Syedna went to perform Zohar and Asar Namaz, Mukrami fled. Syedna called for Mukrami repeatedly till Magrib, but he did not appear. By this time, Mumineen of Sidhpur were convinced that what Mukrami had said was all false, they asked for pardon in Hazrat Aaliya for the sin committed by even listening to Mukrami false allegations.
Inspite of physical exertion and suffering, during the fitnat of laeen Suleman, Syedna Shaikh Adam Safiyuddin (R.A) had shown tremendous courage and Jaan Fishani. Syedna Shaikh Adam Safiyuddin (R.A) had appointed Syedna Zakiyuddin (R.A)- the son of Syedna Dawood bin QutubShah (R.A)- as Mazoon and did 'Nass' on him and informed Hudud in India and Yemen and also Syedna Ali bin Idris (R.A), 30th Dai-Al-Mutlaq.
At the time of wafat, Syedna Shaikh Adam Safiyuddin (R.A) renewed Nass on Syedna AbdulTaiyeb Zakiyuddin (R.A) on 7th Rajab-Ul-Asab 1030 AH.