Maulaya Yaqub Saheb (QS)

Urs Mubarak : 14th of Rajab-ul-Asab

Moulaya Yaqub was the first successor to the office of Waali al-Hind after Moulaya Abdullah - Khambat, who was sent to India by Imam Mustansirbillah(SA), to establish Dawat Fatemiyah.

Moulaya Yaqub (QS) was the son of Raja Bharmal, a contemporary of the King Rao Jay Singh who reigned in the Gujarat region in the 11th entury AD. Both these kings and Raja Bharmal's brother- Raja Tarmal, responded to the call of Moulaya Abdullah and entered the fold of Dawat and made incessant efforts for the spread of Dawoodi Bohra faith.

Moulaya Yaqub was born to Raja Bharmal as a divine boon in return of his devoted endeavours for the cause of Dawat Fatemiyah. Raja Bharmal was very pious, devout and committed to guiding the people on to the right path of Dawat. Under the benign benevolence and special care of Moulaya Abdullah(QR), he was elevated to the high rank of Waali-al-Hind.


Moulaya Tarmal's roza

Moulaya Abdullah(QS) personally tutored Moulaya Yaqub in religious rites and traditions. He imparted knowledge and wisdom and appointed him as Wali-al-Hind. With his efforts, Dawat spread all over the region. He sent Moulaya Fakhruddin Shaheed to Waghar region in Rajasthan for encouraging people to embrace Emaan.

Moulaya Yaqub(QR) expired on 14th of Rajab and was buried in the cemetery in Patan. Being most loved and nearest to Allah, he became famous as 'Miyan Mehboob' as people got their desires fulfilled through his grace and intercession.


Moulaya Tarmal's Qabr Mubarak

Moulaya Bharmal's Qabr Mubarak


The first Imaani masjid to be built in India

The dome of the same masjid