Moulai Sheikhpeer Saheb(QS)

Urs : 22nd Shabaan-ul-Kareem

Maulai Sheikhpeer Saheb(QR.) Date of Wafaat: 22nd Shabaan-ul-Kareem Ranpur features in the history of Dawat since ancient times. Mumineen resided here even when the seat of Dawat was in Yemen. Maulai Sheikhpeer Ibn Dawood (QR.) resided here. He was of Kathyawaari origin and was amongst the Hudud of the 24th Dai Syedna Yusuf Najmuddin (RA) and Syedna Jalaal Shamsudin (RA). King Humayun attacked Gujarat during Maulai Sheikhpeer's (QR.)era. Bahadur Shah, King of Gujarat at the time, fled to Ranpur and looted Ranpur and Morbi. Maulai Adam (QR.)was unjustally arrested by the Hakim of Ranpur who demanded a large sum. Mumineen vied with each other to pay the sum and finally Sheikhpeer Saheb (QR.) took the decision. During this period there were many Hudud Fozala (QR.) in Ranpur. Amongst them were Maulaya Hasan bin Dawood (QR.), Maulana Dawood bin Ajab Shah(RA) and Maulana Dawood bin Qutub Shah(RA). Maulai Sheikhpeer (QR.) wrote a Qasida every month. Syedi Khoj Bin Malak (QR.) states that in Ranpur, there is Qabar Mubarak of Miyaji Ibn Dawoodji and his brother, next to that is the Qabar Mubarak of Syedi Sheikhpeer Saheb (QR.).